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The Master Life Strategist

As a Master Life Strategist, I am able to reach an eclectic audience that ranges from CEOs, families, couples and even children who benefit from the fundamental nature of my message, which seeks to eradicate the internal tormenting dialogues and barriers that often hinder their growth. However, it wasn’t always that way for me.

As a result of the constraints that were imposed on me by my environment, community, family-structure and upbringing, I lived the majority of my life suffering pain, guilt, shame, rejection, abandonment and the traumatic events that caused me to die in installments, forfeiting me as a possibility. My turning point was when I became unreasonable with all the reasons that I made to remain in my unhappy conditions. I made a declaration and affirmed that I deserved better. I accepted myself for who I truly was and celebrated my unique differences from others. As a result, I have dedicated my life to….


Bring Yourself Forward

I’ve built my entire life around helping others, but it was only after I experienced my own transformation. I use videos, roundtables, podcasts, master classes, seminars, workshops and individual coaching plans to help you undo the shame, guilt, and failure you’ve been carrying with you, assuming that is your life. No matter what you’re dealing with, there is a way ahead, because that is not your life….it is only your life situation!

Mend Broken Relationships

Work Through the Transition of Separation and Divorce

Stimulate Fertility

Unlock Financial Freedom

Ignite Mental Transmutation

Infuse Business Transformation & Growth

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What People are Saying about Chantale

Two questions were posed to me by Chantel Milord:” Are you operating at your highest potential and “are you living your best life”? According to my level of knowledge and exposure I thought I was reaching my maximum potential and living my best life. It wasn’t until she started coaching and mentoring me, that I realized there was so much more to discover and accomplished. She raised the bar for me for life expectations. My spectrum of possibilities was expanded beyond my natural abilities. She coached me on how to Brand myself so the world would know me and my worth. It didn’t take long for the shift to take place I accomplished more in the two years she coached me than I had done in the past 30 years. She taught me how to be a lifetime learner and never minimize the greatness that God has place within you.

Pastor Yvonne Strachan

It is rare to meet someone who, from the first moment, imparts a kindness, spirit and vision that transcends the type of friendships and professional relationships which usually take years to develop. Chantale is that one in a million special individual and it is an honor to be able to share in and support her journey. She is dedicated to helping young people overcome adversity and create productive futures. But she has just as much impact on the adults that cross paths with her. Chantale’s genuine care and true belief in the good found in others results in exciting change that leads to success. To sum up this fabulous person in just a few words, she is a “true blessing”!

Dr. LInda Marks

I have attended a few of Chantale’s events and I have walked away feeling empowered and enlightened by each one! I have learned from her events to shift my thoughts - actions and feelings toward the desired outcome not the current situation. By doing this miracles have manifested for me and my family. I highly recommend!!! ...You truly can create Your Universe the way that you want it by attending Chantale’s events. Healing. Seeing. Believing = Manifesting 😊

Natalie Johnson

Chantale listens and challenges you to think outside the box. If I were to sum up my experience in one word it would be “revitalizing”. Chantale, I am grateful for having crossed your path and working with me as I uncovered deep lying truths about myself that have held me back! May you continue to bless others, as you have blessed me. Blessings!

Dr. Bascombe