Linnon Latham

The Business Strategist & Life Coach

Let me provide the peace of mind your business deserves so that you may use your time cultivating a quality work-life balance! Managing a company with sustainable success requires an undeniable level of focused planning, organizing, and strategizing. Failure to establish the right structure can determine your business viability or demise. It takes time, energy, resources, and the right tools to know what to look for and how to overcome them. Don’t become the victim of exhaustion and business fatigue, suffering the effects of loss, as a result of the lack of strategic foresight and self-induced limitations. Suffering is not necessary for man’s development, nor is failure a product of your business! You certainly deserve a skillful advisor with a proven track record of forecasting potential issues and mapping processes and procedures for operational success and continuous improvement.

Having 40+ years of military, commercial, foreign, and domestic leadership, coupled with 28 years in C-Suites, afforded me a unique experience that provides for strong entrepreneurial tactics with the capacity to cultivate best practices and strategies for immediate results, scalability and longevity. As the Founder and CEO of various companies, I lead a team of partners in the mission of business development to include; cost-effective project development, housing solutions, community engagement projects, regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisition all with the goal to become one of the strongest minority-owned community interest firms in Florida.

Some of the areas of growth your business can expect are:

Business Leadership Development & Coaching

Unleash your organization’s potential with Insight that creates a conscious awareness that ignites critical thinking to its highest capacity and enhances emotional intelligence. With the executive team as the focal point, this transformational service expands perspective, inspires change, enhances performance, overcomes roadblocks, understands the impact of different leadership styles, and resets the intention to analyze, scale, and optimize the business.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training

Cultivate a culture of belonging that inspires individuals to take stock in themselves, the product, services, and the fundamental mission of your organization. This training module is set-to mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace, manage expectations, deal with unresolved, unaddressed and more importantly, unknown issues. It allows you to disarm disempowering beliefs, manage microaggressions and improve the quality of the workplace for everyone. When you empower people to show up for themselves, they, in turn, show up for the business.

Life Coaching

Specific care directed to target disempowering beliefs or values that often hinders persona growth and freedom. With this quality care and support, you’ll cultivate strategies and formulas to work through pivotal changes and develop new habits that accelerate growth and transformation in real-time. You will overcome barriers as well as restore a spiritual sense of wholeness to live a more focused and rewarding life.


Experience Exquisite Partnership that heals your soul and accelerates your progress in real time. Chantale and Linnon do it like no others. This signature service allows the Power Couple to cultivate an ultimate Care and coaching that addresses what most couples don’t know that they don’t know about themselves and each other during the initial euphoria. Most often people present their ideal self and the other person projects the ideal image of what they think they want overriding all the signs and possible issues. The formula used during this session challenges you to have some skin in the game as you commit to enter into practice with your relationship as a project that requires ongoing tune up and adjustments. In this practice you abolish judgment, disdain, making problems, and attachment to the outcome of what it should be. You become the conscious presence that is equipped to skillfully navigate the relationship with the capacity to effectively handle the breakdowns that may show up.