Meet Chantale

Chantale Milord

Meet Chantale

As a Master Life Strategist, I am able to reach an eclectic audience that ranges from CEOs, families, couples and even children who benefit from the fundamental nature of my message, which seeks to eradicate the internal tormenting dialogues and barriers that often hinder their growth. However, it wasn’t always that way for me.

As a result of the constraints that were imposed on me by my environment, community, family-structure and upbringing, I lived the majority of my life suffering pain, guilt, shame, rejection, abandonment and the traumatic events that caused me to die in installments, forfeiting me as a possibility. My turning point was when I became unreasonable with all the reasons that I made to remain in my unhappy conditions. I made a declaration and affirmed that I deserved better. I accepted myself for who I truly was and celebrated my unique differences from others. As a result, I have dedicated my life to offering the same freedom to individuals just like you all over the world.

I have found through my many years of coaching, seminars, and workshop sessions that most people don’t know that they don’t know. They live their entire life totally unaware they are living in a distorted reality of themselves. Living on autopilot, often blindsided by their own inhibiting stories and end up suffering in installments. This significantly hampers their ability to live the life they so deserve. What I do is to help improve the quality and abundance of life with a simple 1⁰ shift of conscientiousness so that they can experience the exquisiteness that is available to them right here and right now!

Welcome to your world of endless possibilities! There is safety in unity! You deserve a skillful and intuitive Life Strategist that can help define your vision and yield the results you so desire. Aren’t you tired of trying to figure it out by yourself? Suffering the effects of the unknown? Throughout this journey I will walk with you as you experience transformation and growth in real time. We’ll learn how to work through the roadblocks in your life, master techniques that will yield the results to help you reach your desired outcome and discover your POWER within.