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Reset with Chantale Milord

Chantale  is on it! The Master Life Strategist is fully transparent, in all authenticity, to help you “RESET” your life and overcome the snares of fear, failure, lack, limitation and all undesirable situations you have assumed as your life. This life-altering book features anecdotes that allows for an immediate shift in circumstances.

“RESET” unveils the internal tormenting dialogues and barriers that often hinder our growth. So many people live their entire life totally unaware they are living in a distorted reality of themselves; living on autopilot, often blindsided by their own inhibiting stories and end up suffering. This significantly hampers their ability to live the life they so deserve.

Intuitively carved with real life stories, Chantale not only strategically shares her life experiences, but also takes you through the life-changing events of “Cheryl” – a woman who was once depleted, suffering past failures, pain, guilt, shame, rejection, abandonment and the traumatic events that caused her to die in installments, forfeiting herself as a possibility. She revealed that suffering is not your life, it’s simply your life situation that can be altered and remedied. Abolish the story that deteriorates your life force energy.

~ Chantale Milord