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Improve your quality of life with Chantale Milord

Let me improve your quality and abundance of life with a simple 1⁰ shift of conscientiousness so that you can experience the exquisiteness that is available right here and right now!

Overcoming the pain, shame, guilt, rejection, abandonment and the traumatic events that derailed you as a possibility can be hard work. It takes time, energy, and the right tools to know what to look for and how to overcome them. Aren’t you tired of trying to figure it out by yourself, suffering the effects of the past over and over? Suffer no more! You deserve a skillful and intuitive Master Life Strategist that can help define your vision and yield the results you desire. There is safety in me as your coach! Through this journey I will walk with you as you experience transformation and growth in real time. We’ll learn how to work through the roadblocks in your life, master techniques that will yield the results to help you reach your desired outcome and discover the POWER within.

Some of the areas of growth you can expect are:

  • Relief from physical and/or emotional pain and trauma
  • Overcoming mental and spiritual agony
  • Accelerated healing from illness and injury
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Developing the tools to help you evolve to a higher level of consciousness
  • Reconnecting with your inner-self and developing self-care
  • Explore and experience exquisite love
  • Materialize your inner desires
  • Conceive a baby

Basic Coaching 

General Care and coaching designed to help you focus on unlearning the patterns and disempowering beliefs that are hindering your success, cultivating the strategies and steps that will help you work through necessary changes, and overcoming barriers to return to the spiritual wholeness that will allow you to live a more focused life.

Moderate Coaching

Higher level care and coaching to help you develop positive coping skills, develop new habits that will have a positive impact on your life, and develop time-bound growth and goals with the accountability you need to reach them.

Exclusive Executive Coaching Care

Intensive coaching and care over an extended period of time. Includes travel to your location for onsite entertainment production, political campaigns, projects and assignments, and corporate executive programs.

Business Leadership Development & Coaching

Insight and development of the core leadership qualities that will help you enhance performance, overcome the roadblocks hindering you from success, and developing the levels of accountability you need to succeed.

Deep Dive Intensive Coaching

Fully immersive coaching to address the root causes and suffering behind the problems you struggle with. Through this intensive care, you’ll begin achieving accelerated growth, personal freedom, transformation, and mental transmutation.

Couples Coaching

Experience Exquisite Partnership that heals your soul and accelerates your progress in real time. Chantale and Linnon do it like no others. This signature service allows the Power Couple to cultivate an ultimate Care and coaching that addresses what most couples don’t know that they don’t know about themselves and each other during the initial euphoria. Most often people present their ideal self and the other person projects the ideal image of what they think they want overriding all the signs and possible issues.

The formula used during this session challenges you to have some skin in the game as you commit to enter into practice with your relationship as a project that requires ongoing tune up and adjustments. In this practice you abolish judgment, disdain, making problems,  and attachment to the outcome of what it should be. You become the conscious presence that is equipped to skillfully navigate the relationship with the capacity to effectively handle the breakdowns that may show up.